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    1. Introduction

    Arisbot is a Korean Discord that supports game functions in Discord, functions releated to Nexon mobile game Blue Archive, and server management functions.

    In this post, I will introduce some features of Arisbot.


    2. Features

    1) Help

    Click the image to enlarge it.

    You can get help using /help command.

    You can find the help message you need by clicking the select menus and buttons.



    Blackjack is the most popular feature of Arisbot.

    You can play blackjack using the buttons.

    You can query the server or the entire black leaderboard using command.

    You can use command to delete your own data.


    3) VA-11 HaLL-A

    It's one of the most popular feature of Arisbot.

    As the name suggests, this is a cocktail making game that pays to homage to the indie game VA-11 HALL-A.


    4) Rock Paper Scissors

    It's a simple rock-paper-scissors function.


    5) GACHA

    It's a gacha simulator function of Nexon's mobile game Blue Archive.

    Gacha is a word derived from JPN and means to draw probability cards.

    The above screen is the screen of running the gacha simulator, and you can see how the simulator works, how the user inquiries the simulator statistics, and how to delete their own data.


    6) Tweet

    This is a function to receive tweets from Blue Arcive's official Twitter(KR/JP) in real time to Discord.

    You can specify each channel to receive tweets.

    In other words, you can receive tweets from the KR server and tweets from the JP server on different channels.



    You can be notified when a character in Blue Archive has a birthday.



    This is a function to inquire the schedule of Blue Archive KR Server.


    9) TIMER

    This is a function to set timer to call after a certain period of time.

    You can set up to 360 minutes.

    You can also see the remaining time of the timer.

    This can be useful when enjoying Total War content from Blue Archive.


    10) DELETE

    You can use this feature to bulk delete messages.

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